Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Xbox One Console

Finally Microsoft announced its latest gaming console named Xbox One. Xbox One is successor of Xbox 360 which launched on 2005, almost already 8 years. Xbox One said by Microsoft is not only gaming console, its contain more than that. Watching movie via Blue Ray, browing and even making call using Skype feature.
Xbox One console

Xbox one have hardware specification more advanced compare with Xbox 360, such as 8 (eight) core CPU, 8 Gb RAM, Multi channel 802.11n WiFi, Blue Ray Device and also 500Gb storage device which can be use to storage your favorite movie, games or even music files. 
Here is specification of Xbox One compare with rumor before:

Xbox One Specification

Some feature new from Xbox One is Kinect 2.0 a successor of first Kinect for Xbox 360. And what make this Kinect 2.0 more superior compare with first Kinect? Well first is video quality were Kinect 2.0 capable to record 1080p video, a full HD video. Second Kinect 2.0 capable to recognize your body better such as your heartbeat and can  scan your finger so not only your hand.

Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb

Xbox 360 is one of gaming system where gamer can do many things with their console. If you like watching movies, chatting with your friends, playing online games with other gamer around the world or even social media such as Facebook or tweeter then Xbox 360 slim is a perfect entertainment system for you. The most popular and the latest Xbox 360 slim type is Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb, this is a Xbox 360 slim equipped with 250Gbyte harddisk. I also bought this type of Xbox 360 slim and i will share to you what is inside this Xbox 360 slim 250Gb bundle.

Unboxing Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb
First of all, let see Xbox 360 Slim Box, the size of Xbox 360 slim is almost same compare with previous Xbox 360.
Xbox 360 slim box

Box shows several new feature that you can do with Xbox 360 slim and of course the most interesting is "Kinect support" which mentioned on the box. Kinect support meaning you don't need power adapter to play with Kinect. 250Gb mentioned which mean this Xbox 360 slim already bundled with storage HDD 250 Gb and you can store many content inside such as downloaded trailer, movie, Xbox arcade or even Xbox 360 game itself.
Xbox 360 slim bundle list

What will you get in this Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb? First of course Xbox 360 slim, latest gaming console from Microsoft with its black glossy look that impress modern and elegant console. This Xbox 360 have touch sensitive button for power up and when you touch it, green light will appear - of course instead of red :) - indicating your Xbox 360 Slim works properly
Xbox 360 slim bundle inside
Xbox 360 Slim include 250Gb storage

Second is Xbox 360 slim power supply, this kind of power supply is different with previous Xbox 360. Power supply is smaller and much lighter. Several gamer think does this power will be much power full compare with previous Xbox 360? Well i think it is and because Xbox 360 Slim consume less power than old one so we don't need bigger shape of power supply.
Xbox 360 Slim power supply
Xbox 360 power supply - note output power maximum is 135watt

Next is game controller, same with Xbox 360 Slim console where its black glossy color is a perfect combination for its console.
Xbox 360 slim controller

The last one is additional peripheral such as AV cable and headset for Xbox LIVE. Quite disappointing that HDMI cable is not included in Xbox 360 Slim 250 Gb but you can buy ir separately. LAN cable is not included also but i think this because Xbox 360 Slim already built it WiFi to connect to the internet.

 Xbox 360 Slim Headset and AV cable

Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Xbox 720 console, rumor and release date

Microsoft next console game as known as Xbox 720 already rumor in some gamers, some gamers keep asking when Microsoft will launch next generation of Xbox 360 as Xbox 360 already seventh years since it first appearance on 2005. Sony and Nintendo already announce their next game console, Sony already stated that Playstation 4 will launch on end of 2012 or on 2013 and Nintendo also announce their now working on Nintendo Wii U (we still not know when Wii U will launch). So when Xbox 720 will launch?

Xbox 720 Specification
Next Xbox 360 must have hardware specification more than Xbox 360. I would say minimum next Xbox 360 must support 1080p resolution with consist at least 2 graphic processor. With this 2 graphic processor Xbox 720 can excellent graphic as “Avatar movie”.  Neil Robinson as AMD Director of ISV relationships said that it is possible. AMD also promise to make all next Xbox 720 games more interactive by making Non Playable Character (NPC) can interact by their self. Some source said Graphic card will be AMD chip 7000 and this cards will not work under CrossFire mode, instead 2 graphic cards will work simultaneously rendering Xbox 720 graphic.
How about processor chip? Rumor said that Xbox 720 processor will consist of 4 or 6 core, 1 core handling Kinect – latest Microsoft controller, 1 core as Operation system, and other 4 core handling graphic and in order to prevent piracy this console require internet connection.
Other hardware specification is Blue ray drive as Sony with Playstation 3 already equipped their console with Blue Ray device so I think it is mandatory for Microsoft to provide blue ray on their Xbox 720, adding blue ray will allow gamers to play HD movie using blue ray disk. 1080p graphic combine with Blue Ray device, I think this will become good combination.

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