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Xbox 720 console, rumor and release date

Microsoft next console game as known as Xbox 720 already rumor in some gamers, some gamers keep asking when Microsoft will launch next generation of Xbox 360 as Xbox 360 already seventh years since it first appearance on 2005. Sony and Nintendo already announce their next game console, Sony already stated that Playstation 4 will launch on end of 2012 or on 2013 and Nintendo also announce their now working on Nintendo Wii U (we still not know when Wii U will launch). So when Xbox 720 will launch?

Xbox 720 Specification
Next Xbox 360 must have hardware specification more than Xbox 360. I would say minimum next Xbox 360 must support 1080p resolution with consist at least 2 graphic processor. With this 2 graphic processor Xbox 720 can excellent graphic as “Avatar movie”.  Neil Robinson as AMD Director of ISV relationships said that it is possible. AMD also promise to make all next Xbox 720 games more interactive by making Non Playable Character (NPC) can interact by their self. Some source said Graphic card will be AMD chip 7000 and this cards will not work under CrossFire mode, instead 2 graphic cards will work simultaneously rendering Xbox 720 graphic.
How about processor chip? Rumor said that Xbox 720 processor will consist of 4 or 6 core, 1 core handling Kinect – latest Microsoft controller, 1 core as Operation system, and other 4 core handling graphic and in order to prevent piracy this console require internet connection.
Other hardware specification is Blue ray drive as Sony with Playstation 3 already equipped their console with Blue Ray device so I think it is mandatory for Microsoft to provide blue ray on their Xbox 720, adding blue ray will allow gamers to play HD movie using blue ray disk. 1080p graphic combine with Blue Ray device, I think this will become good combination.

Xbox 720 Launch date
We still haven’t got any confirmation when Microsoft will launch next Xbox 720 but a sure thing is it won’t come on 2012. Microsoft said Xbox 360 lifetime will be 10 (ten) years meaning Xbox 720 will come around 2015. No official word coming from Microsoft regarding Xbox 720 but I think it should come at least at end of 2013 as Xbox 360 coming on end of 2005  and as end year is holiday season and many people willing to buy new thing such as gaming on December. 

Another reason is because other competitor like Sony and Nintendo already announce their next game console which will available on the market on 2012 or 2013. I think Microsoft will not yet them to take Xbox 360 market share.

Xbox 720 console Shape
Microsoft also hasn’t reveal any information Xbox 720 appear like as Sony also hasn’t share their Playstation look. Next gaming console apart from its higher specification need to have futuristic style not just a box with high hardware requirements. Several blogger instance described Playstation 4 will have touchscreen technology on its gaming console
 New Xbox 720 Design

Xbox 720 Price
This is the most important one, how much I pay to get experienced for new Xbox 720? Xbox 720 price should not much more than Xbox 360 and seems $500 until $600 is fair enough due to Xbox 720 should equipped new several innovation and so many advantages as I mention before

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