Jumat, 09 Mei 2008

Repairing Xbox 360 3ROL (Code 0022)

Xbox 360 3ROL code 0022 is caused by GPU error/GPU overheating. In some case this error code could make permanent error for your xbox 360, so be careful when your xbox 360 have this error code. I had my xbox 360 error code few days ago and i am lucky that i could fix this problem but don't know how long my xbox 360 will free from 3ROL code 0022. To fix my xbox 360 I opened GPU HSF then i saw my thermal paste (Artic silver) had spread to several part around xbox 360 GPU and my artic silver became thickly than before. Then I clean up my thermal paste (until you can see "Microsoft xbox" written on your xbox 360 GPU) and clean up thermal paste attached on IC around xbox 360 GPU.
Finally give a new artic silver onto my xbox 360 GPU, tighten GPU HSF using several metal ring as explained in my previous post.

As usual, i turn on my xbox 360 again and got 3ROL code 0102. I re-heated my xbox 360 for several minute and my xbox 360 comes alive again.
I have some theory regarding xbox 360 3ROL code 0022 which this error code have some solution as code 0102. Code 0022 also happened due to bad quality of thermal paste which caused by several time of 3ROL (several 3ROL make thermal paste quality worse)

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