Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008

Repairing Xbox 360 3ROL (Code 0102) Part 2

On my previous article (Repairing Xbox 360 3ROL (Code 0102)),I used elastic material or foam between GPU HSF and xbox 360 motherboard. Now I have another method which is by using metal ring. This metal ring also used below xbox 360 motherboard and every metal ring have ~ 1mm thickness.
Metal Ring

I use two metal rings for each screw, so total you need eight (8) metal rings with total thickness ~ 2mm. The main advantage using metal ring between GPU HSF and xbox 360 motherboard which is you will know easier how much stress given by GPU HSF to xbox 360 GPU. Other advantage is metal ring is static and it won't change its shape compared to elastic material or foam. But you have to be careful because in some case this metal ring can make your xbox 360 problem worse.
Two metal ring for each screw

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