Senin, 23 April 2012

Xbox 360 slim 3RRod ?

Finally Microsoft lunch new version of Xbox 360 called xbox 360 slim on June 2010, this new version lunch because on old have major problem related to overheating problem – as we know most old Xbox 360 will broke after several month / years of usage. If we look on Xbox 360 design, the major differences compare with old Xbox 360 is its size, where Xbox 360 slim has smaller shape with previous one. The new model has a sleek black case, with angular lines more reminiscent of the original Xbox than the 360.

Xbox 360 slim have smaller share compare with previous type

Glossy look of this new type xbox 360 slim shows this Xbox 360 slim is more advance and use latest technology from Microsoft.

.With smaller shape and glossy look will Xbox 360 slim will have better reliability compare with previous one? of course Microsoft not only upgrade its share and its look,  Xbox 360 slim also have several upgrade inside  

Xbox 360 slim chip and motherboard.   
Xbox 360 slim have new GPU and CPU chip where those are combine into one single chip. Fewer chips will produce less heat and less power consumption but this single chip will generate more heat compare with single CPU or GPU chip. Good news it Microsoft equipped with CollerMaster fan so can reduce heat produce by this combined chip 
 Xbox 360 slim motherboard

Xbox 360 slim has new headsink and Fan. 
I very surprised on old Xbox 360 where Microsoft only equipped GPU with very small of headsink. This headsink won't adequate enough to transfer head which produce by GPU chip - some Xbox gamer have to modify their console to prevent xbox 360 from overheating - i have to add 12volt fan in the back of console to suck hot air from GPU chip
Xbox 360 slim Fan and Headsink

Xbox 360 slim have new design of air circulation system. Fresh air will goes into xbox 360 slim and make GPU+CPU and headsink cooler. This is same with all PC air circulation system whereas fan used to blow fresh air and not used to hot air out from system.  

Xbox 360 Overheating warning. Last  thing new from Xbox 360 slim is Xbox 360 will show an information when console start overheating. All process will stop and game will ask to shut down their console and wait several minute before console can be used again.
 Xbox 360 slim overheating
Will these changes preventing Xbox 360 slim from overheating problem? Well we have to wait several months to find it out

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